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PRS Green Label 2019

On July 2019, Simplastic Srl obtained the Certificate of appreciation “PRS Green Label” from PRS for the active contribution of the company to the creation of a more sustainable environment through the PRS network.

Sponsor Maiella Triathlon

Simplastic S.r.l. every year takes part in the sponsorship for the Associazione Sportiva Maiella Triathlon that organizes various events promoting sport and the Abruzzo territory, culminating in December 2018 in the competition of the Ice Triathlon.

AGC Supplier Award 2017

On November 17th 2017, Simplastic S.r.l. has been invited to the event “AGC Supplier Day” in Belgium, event to recognize the importance of the collaboration of the company with its strategic suppliers

Priemysel Průmysl Dues

The leader company AGC Czech invites its major suppliers to take part in the article about the company on the technical magazine “Priemysel Průmysl Dues”, published in November 2018.

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