Among the services offered by Simplastic S.r.l. there is the application of double-sided tape for the OEM in the automotive sector and assembly of plastic material components made in the same plant, preventing so eventual damages often found after the transportation of the products. The assembly of plastic components is realized in the specific department of the plant from high qualified staff that can verify and check not just the geometry of the products and their graft but even the quality of the component and the related finishes.

The components are treated with primer and then assembled with bi-adhesive tape, taking maximum care of the application and the precision, using high quality materials, certified and specific, always in accordance with the requirements of the client. All of this is subject to the required controls in the quality laboratory, where the high standards are so guaranteed through dimensional, functional and aesthetic checks. The assembly department, where specific operators perform the finishing work of the products, is also equipped with three machines for the semiautomatic application of bi-adhesive.

Simplastic S.r.l. can offer various types of assembly of plastic products, partial or total, between plastic materials or with the addition of other material components. Each assembly work is preventively studied and concorded with the client which can, in this way, verify and get his hands on the quality of the materials used, to offer a service that fully satisfy the expectations. The assembly processes of the plastic components add value to the finished product, guarantying solidity and functioning and helping to accelerate the whole production process.