Simplastic S.r.l. aiming to improve the quality of its productive processes, has gained through the years the certifications of quality ISO 9001 followed by the environmental certification ISO 14001 and then IATF 16949, an automotive quality system based on the standard ISO 9001 with specific requirements from the automotive sector. The Environmental Management System is the combination of the processes, the proceedings and the models put in places by an organization, formalized in order to meet the requirements requested by the reference standards.

They are useful tools for the sustainable development, given that the organizations that are certified take a concrete commitment to limit the direct (resulting from their activities) and indirect (environmental aspects in which they can exercise some influence) to incentive the good environmental practices. The development of a quality management system directed to the processes that forecasts a continuous improvement, the prevention and the reduction of the waste and of the alterations in the supply chain, implements the mission of Simplastic S.r.l. without loosing sight of the goal to satisfy the client in a efficient and effective way.

The whole Quality and Environment Management System is kept under control by software to monitor the processes and by the execution of different quality tests:

  • Melt Flow Index (MFI);
  • Density;
  • Percentage glass fiber content analysis of polymers;
  • Surface hardness analysis Shore-D Shore-A;
  • Tensile and compression testing machine (Maximum testing force 550N – 250KN);
  • Dimensional analysis with Profile Projector;
  • Dimensional analysis with CMM (Coordinate measuring machine);
  • Dimensional control with gauge/checking fixture.