Simplastic S.r.l. can turn your ideas in tangible products, following the client in each step of the realization of the mold and the consequently production, thanks to a solid and steady process that begins with the design phase. For each project, Simplastic S.r.l. perform a preliminary study with the aim to identify, compared to the desired product, the features that marks it, the client’s needs and the reference market. The preliminary study is followed by a punctual design focalized on the best configuration to identify: the mold to use or realize during the printing activity; the more convenient plastic material in qualitative, economic and environmental terms; the most efficient and faster productive process; the conditions and steps for eventual assembly processes; qualitative parameters and criteria for the evaluation of the finished product.

The Simplastic Company adopts a focused design that changes depending on the sector to whom the products are intended for. Such approach requires knowledges, techniques and tools of design and prototyping on which Simplastic S.r.l., following its long-time experience, has decided to invest and to continuously improve to satisfy not just its client’s needs but to offer new solutions in a win-win point of view that allow them to consolidate and be successful in their reference markets. The company has so adopted along the years, modern methodologies, experiences and tools for the management of the different steps composing the productive and qualitative process for plastic products. One of these tools is the Moldflow analysis with which we can simulate the plastic material flow melted inside the mold and optimize its design before the starting of production. This allows to reduce the number of the expensive physical prototypes necessary to the design of the plastic parts and to have greater guarantees of reliability.

These elements allow Simplastic S.r.l. to offer services and solutions on various industrial sectors like the automotive, fixtures, furniture and many more sectors. From the automotive sector to the fixtures one, passing through the furniture one, each design is guaranteed in its peculiarity and in accordance with the technical and environmental certifications.