1. Introduction

This Privacy Policy is related to the website www.simplastic.it ("Website") managed and operated by the company Simplastic srl VAT number 0027 9330 690, located in C.da Madonna, 27 - 66010 - CASACANDITELLA (CH), ("Simplastic"). The information that the user will decide to share through the Website will be treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy, together with the personal data provided by the user when registering to the internet service provided by Simplastic through the Website ("Servizio"). To provide the Service, we collect some information related to our users. The collected information are those necessary to provide the Service and to offer the user a personalized experience. The person in charge of the treatment of the personal data, such as identified in the Art. 4, commit himself to protect the users' data. This policy contains a description of the types of data that will be collected, of the finality for which these data will be treated, of the subjects to whom they could be communicated and provides further useful information to allow the Users to give their consent informed to the treatment of their own personal data. This Privacy Policy has been drafted in accordance with the Recommendation n. 2/2001, adopted on May 17 2001 from the Data Protection Working Party - Art. 29 in relation to the minimum requirements for the collection of online data in the European Union and also represents the policy for the subjects pursuant to Art. 13 of the Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 196 and following modifications and alterations. It's possible that this Privacy Policy will be periodically updated and modified. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly check the specific section of the Website to verify the introduction of possible changes

2. Collection of the information and closing of the account

In the different stages of the use of Simplastic will be collected the types of data described in the paragraphs 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 e 2.4 that follows.

2.1 Registration

In the process of registration for the opening of an account based on the modalities published on the Website o simply for the joining to the forum, the newsletter or to a training course, could be requested data such as first and last name, an email address and other information that the User could provide, such as gender, telephone number, date of birth, username related to Third Parties'accounts (for example Twitter, Facebook, Skype, LinkedIn, etc.) and other information related to the use of the Service or the browser. The User is invited to not communicate to Simplastic or other Users, confidential information or extremely personal or that could in any way cause danger or harm to himself or to other people and release from liability Simplastic and the person in charge for the data treatment from any responsibility in this regard. In particular, the User is invited to not provide, by means of forums or other functionality of the Service, information related to the balance sheet, political and sexual orientation, physical conditions etc., unless this is expressly required by the nature of the offered Service.

2.2 Use of the service

During using the Service, will be collected information such as:

  • (i) data relates to the interactions with the Service (for example view of the courses, web pages and their offers, suggestions; other preferences; interactions with other users, etc.);
  • (ii) researches and publications done;
  • (iii) technical data (for example URL from where they are coming from; IP address and ID of the device; browser used ect.);
  • (iv) information related to the cookies as best described in following point 2.4;
  • (v) information about the place from where they are accessing (only if agreed to the function of localization).

Moreover, if the User decides to link his Facebook and/or Twitter account, or any other social network with the Website where this was made possible by Simplastic, will allow us to collect some information related to those social networks, such as credentials, name, email, gender e profile picture, names and profile pictures of friends etc.

2.3 Aggregated anonymous data

We can automatically collect some aggregated anonymous data about the use of the Service, such as the number of users, the frequency and the method of use of Simplastic or the measures in which some features are used. Moreover, during the use of the Service in order to provide commercial suggestions and advertisings, further anonymized data can be collected from Google Analytics and/or from other suppliers of specified services such as, for example, the number of times the User has seen an advertising or an offer or a market, etc. (in these cases, personal information like name or address will not be collected).

2.4 Cookies

Cookies are small text files sent to the User from the visited Website. They are memorized on the computer hard disk, allowing in this way the website to recognize the users and to memorize certain information about them, in order to allow or improve the offered service. Different types of cookies exist. Some of them are necessary to navigate on the Website, others have different purposes like guarantee the internal security, manage the system, perform statistical analysis, understand which are the Website sections that most interest the users or offer a personalized visit of the Website. The Website uses technical cookies and not profiling cookies. The above refers to both the user's computer and to any other device that the user can use to connect to the Website.

Technical cookies

The technical cookies are those used for the only purpose to make a transmission of a communication on a electronical communication web, or in the extremely necessary action for the supplier of a service of the information society explicitly required from the subscriber or from the user to deliver such service. They are not used for further purposes and are normally directly installed by the holder or manager of the website. They can be divided in session or navigation cookies, hat guarantee the regular navigation and fruition of the website (allowing, for example, to make a purchase or to authenticate to enter reserved areas); analytics cookies, assimilated to the technical cookies where being directly used from the manager of the website to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and on how they visit the website itself; functionality cookies, that allow the user to navigate according to selected criteria (for example, the language, the products selected for the purchase) in order to improve the service made. The disabling of the cookies could limit the chance to use the Website and to prevent from taking full advantage of the functionality and services on the Website. To decide which to accept and which to refuse, a description of the cookies used on the Website is shown below.

First party cookies:

First party cookies (that are cookies which belong to the website of the editor that created them) are set by the Website visited by the user, whose address appears in the URL window. The use of such cookies allow us to make the website work in an efficient way and to track the visitor's behavior patterns.

Third party cookies:

Third party cookies are set by a different web domain from the one visited by the user. If a user visits a website and a different company send the information using that website, we are in the presence of third party cookies.

Session cookies:

The ‘session cookies' are temporary memorized and they are deleted when the user close the browser. If the user registers on the Website, he can use cookies that collect personal data in order to identify the user on subsequent visits and to facilitate di access – login to the Website (for example saving username and password of the user) and the browse on it. Moreover, Simplastic has no access or control on cookies, web bacon and other tracking technologies used on third party websites on which the user can access from the Website, on the availability , on any content and material published or obtained through such websites and on the related personal data processing method; Simplastic about this, considered the amount of such third party websites, expressly disclaims any related liability. The user should verify the privacy policy of those third party websites which it accesses from the Website to know the applicable conditions to the treatment of personal data because Simplastic Privacy Policy only applies to the Website as defined above.

Persistent cookies:

Persistent cookies are memorized on the user's device between the browser sessions, allowing to save the preferences or the actions of the user on a website. They can be use for different purposes, for example to remember the preferences and choices when using the Website.

Essential cookies:

These cookies are strictly necessary for the running of the Website. Without the use of such cookies, some parts of the Website would not work. They include, for example, cookies that allow to enter protected areas of the Website. These cookies do not collect information for marketing purposes and they can not be deactivated.

Functional cookies:

These cookies are used to recognize a user that comes back to visit the Website. They allow to personalize the contents and to remember the preferences (for example, the selected language or the region). These cookies do not collect information that can identify the user. All the information collected are anonymous.

Sharing cookies on social networks:

These cookies facilitate the sharing of the contents of the website through social network like Facebook and Twitter. To view the respective privacy and cookies policies is possible to visit the social networks' websites. In the case of Facebook and Twitter, the user can visit https://www.facebook.com/help/cookies and https://twitter.com/privacy.

In particular, below is shown the list of the main cookies used on the Website and the related descriptions and functionality, including the time duration.
1) Type of cookies     First party functional
Origin     Simplastic
Finality     Recover the user settings (save the user session and remember some settings like those of accessibility)
Duration     Persistent cookies
2) Type of cookies     First party functional
Origin     Simplastic
Finality     Memorize the user location and remember the language settings (anonymously)
3) Type of cookies     First party functional
Origin     Simplastic
Finality     Personalize the page contents depending on the device used by the user, on the choices made and the settings (anonymously)

How to modify settings on cookies

Most part of the browsers automatically accept cookies but the user can normally modify the settings to disable such function. It is possible to block all cookies types, or accept to receive just some of them and to disable others. The section "Options" or "Preferences" in the browser menu allows to avoid receiving cookies and other tracking user technologies and to obtain notification from the browser about the activation of these technologies. Alternatively, it is also possible to consult the section "Help" on the toolbar in most browsers. It is also possible to select the browser in use in the following list and to follow the instructions:

On mobile devices:

For more information on cookies and to manage preferences on cookies (of First and Third party) users are invited to also visit the platform www.youronlinechoices.com. However, remember that the disabling of navigation cookies or functional cookies can cause the malfunction of the Website and/or limit the service offered by Simplastic.

2.5 Closing of the account

The Service manager can decide to close the account Simplastic in any moment. In case of closing of the account for any reason, the personal data will be deleted after a simple request.

3. Use of the information (purposes and method of treatment)

Data collected by Simplastic are treated for the following purposes:

  • offer the Service, guarantee the good functioning and personalize it according to the preferences of the user;
  • analyze the use of Simplastic and the interactions with the connected services in order to develop new functionalities and to provide personalized contents and advertisings;
  • communicate with the users in relation to the provision of the Service, also for promotional purposes;
  • provide and promote products and services customized for the user;
  • ensure that the conditions of use of the Service and the Privacy Policy of Simplastic are being respected.

It is specified in particular that:

  • Your collected personal data could be treated to satisfy your request of services, to communicate with you on your account, to support your activities in relation to the Service and to answer your questions. It would also be possible to use your personal data and/or information of your profile to personalize your purchase experience and to improve the Service offered. In using the Service, Simplastic can identify you with your first and last name that you are going to communicate when registering or when registering through social network.
  • Aggregated information indicated in paragraph 2.3 that we collect, as well as other anonymized information, are used to better understand our users and personalize the Service according to their preferences. It is specified that these type of information is treated in a way that the users to whom the information refers cannot be personally identified;
  • Simplastic do not communicate its data to third party for commercial purposes, unless you had expressly authorized the person in charge of the treatment to this communication, checking the specified flag on the Privacy Policy approval form. In that case, Simplastic will be able to communicate the provided personal data to societies operating in the real estate, insurance, banking, telephony, energy and internet services sectors, advertisings, retail products sales and legal services.

Your data will be mainly treated with electronical instruments or automated.

4. Data controller

The controller of the data collected through the Website is the company Simplastic S.r.l. VAT number 0027933 069 0 with legal, commercial and administrative office in C.da Madonna, 27 - 66010 - CASACANDITELLA (CH).

5. Communication and scope of data dissemination

Your personal data could be communicated:

  • To the subjects appointed by the Data Controller to carry out the activities related to the service delivery and to the technical maintenance of the network and electronic communication equipment;
  • To the people, companies and professional offices that provide assistance and advice to the Data Controller, in relation to the Website and to Simplastic.

Your personal data, collected in the scope of use of the Service, will not be disseminated.

6. Data transfer outside the EU

Personal data of the user are transferred outside the European Union after the adoption of appropriate precautions pursuant to the privacy law applicable in order to guarantee the protection, the security and the confidentiality. Accepting the present policy, the user gives his consent to use and transfer his data in accordance to what is expected from paragraph 6.

7. Interaction with other services and sharing of the information

As part of the Service, Simplastic could use services from third party, such as Google Maps and hardware components of the device like Wi-Fi, GPS and the mobile web to determinate your position in a not permanent way and with the purpose of personalize the experience of the Service for you and other users. If you do not want your position to be identified, you have the chance to disable the geo-localization from the settings menu, from the mobile app and from the website. However, in these cases you will not able to use anymore the functions of the Service built around the localization services where such function is enabled by Simplastic. If the user links Simplastic to Facebook and/or Twitter or other social networks and such connection is made possible by Simplastic, the information related to some of the activities and interactions of the user with the Service could be shared with those social network and by them treated following their own privacy policy. Through the settings menu of the social network the user can in every moment manage and disable the sharing of such information.

Lastly, we can share statistical aggregated information and information on the users' profile with third party, including our licensees, partner, advertisers and other subjects that offer products or services connected to the Service. These data are not linked to any personal information that could allow the user identification. The Data Controller will not share data that allow the identification of Simplastic users to Third Party, if not where required in the scope of legal actions (for example answering a court order or a court process) or to prevent or fight frauds, as required by the law, or to make our general conditions be respected or to protect the rights, the property or the security of the Service of our users or other subjects. The collected personal data could be, also, communicated in the scope of a merger, acquisition or total or partial sale of our company.

8. Security

The Data Controller is committed to take the appropriate security measures to protect his personal data from not authorized disclosures. Simplastic uses different security techniques in order to protect its information. Despite the implementation of appropriate security measures from our side, we invite the users to be aware of the fast changing evolution of the technology related to the internet security. In sight of this, we cannot guarantee that the safeguard measures implemented until today are able to protect personal data treated by the threat of future intrusions not authorized or that our security measures cannot be subject to circumvention. The users also have to be aware of the fact that, despite our efforts, factors behind our control could involve the disclosure of the collected data. For the purpose of greater protection and awareness of the risks connected to the treatment of personal data, if you are going to decide to access through the Service and applications, services or third party websites, the information that will be provided could be no more subjected to the present privacy policy and so it is suggested to verify the respective privacy policy of such third party before entering the website.


To the user are recognized the rights from which D. Lgs. n. 196/2003, Code in matter of Protection of Personal Data, articles 7 and 8, available at the link http://www.garanteprivacy.it/web/guest/home/docweb/-/docweb-display/docweb/1311248 including the right of access and revocation of the given consent, in specified conditions and with the related consequences. For the exercise of such rights or for more information in privacy please contact us at the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Simplastic can modify the present policy about the privacy from time to time. The use of the information that we collect is subject to the circular in force at the moment in which such information is used. If they are going to be substantial modification in the way in which we use the personal information, we will inform you publishing an announcement on our Service or sending it through e-mail. The use of the Service from users, after probable modifications to the privacy, constitutes acceptance of the same.

The present Privacy Policy has been updated on March 24 2019.