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The assembly department, produces various components used on windshields, rear windows, descendants and car fixtures, such as:

Centring Platelets; Fixing sideboards; Positioning Compasses; Rain sensor; Gaskets; C Pillar Cover.

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All the aforesaid goods, are primed and assembled with double-sided adhesive, with the utmost care and precision, using high-quality, certified and specific materials for the automotive sector. In the quality laboratory, the details are subject to relevant controls, necessary to ensure the high quality standards required by automotive industry.

In the assembly department, a 100% inspection is performed on the threaded metal insert side glass descendant brackets (automotive sector); therefore, the department is equipped with automated thread insert control equipment. Furthermore it has No. 2 machines for the automatic application of double-sided adhesive and protective liner (Automotive sector). Lastly, components for fixtures, for autoclaves, accessories for cars, etc. are also assembled.